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find your authenticity.

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Our Flagship programs

Our core programs are proven to redesign your inner forces to elevate you to a higher degree of confidence, thinking, and authenticity in your life.

Path Founder Matt Powell gives you the power to make instant changes in your life, resulting in a newfound ability to change your world.  From changing your perceptual restraints to understanding your abilities, Matt gives you lifelong tools to empower yourself.

achieve confidence


5-hour online program + workbook

Rebuild your strength by redefining confidence, identifying personal crutches, and rewiring neural mindset pathways through building your future self.

UNDO your past & Planning the future

2.5-hour online program, book, workbook

Stop chasing the wrong goals.  UNDO will help you cut ties with the past, identify habits, find the right goals and develop your own goal-achievement structure.

achieve goals

a trusted process

After studying with masters and academics around the world, Matt wrote a book bringing some of their most insightful teachings into a book anyone can use.  Ready to read it?

What people say about our programs

“I’ve been trying self-care programs for years, but overcoming my self-doubt was the hardest part. Path helped me find the source and address it, and the Confidence to achieve authenticity.
Thanks Matt!”
Annie Roman
Minneapolis, MN.
“I’ve always been a self-reliant guy, but after graduating and getting married, I didn’t know how to achieve my goals and still focus on my family. UNDO helped me find what was truly important, not just goals, but dreams.”
Steve Thurman
Garden Grove, CA.

quickly Undo the past or build a new path forwrd

Learn how to influence every person, situation, and circumstance in your life. We’re going to put control and power back into your hands, so you can start finding your authenticity and personal evolution.