In our book Open in Case of Life (get it free when you sign up for our community we talk a lot about choice…and, as the book says, engaging your inner Two Face.

I know, Two Faced has a bad connotation.

But, we are talking about the Batman character, not a personality perception.

It’s a blurry line between chance, like the act of flipping a coin, and one’s own agency. Our perception of will is subjective under the definition of chance, yet many people will not acknowledge this due to the power it would give others over them in some way.

So, although there may be an element of “roll of the dice”, in my opinion, there is always a choice made by some unseen force or another. Call it God, call it the universe, call ‘it’, chance, what you want.

But, your own agency can be chance itself.

The key to context

A long time ago I bought one of these. A one-sided coin. In Batman, Two Face has a coin, he gives a choice to his victims, and tells them he will flip a coin to decide their fate. The only thing about it is…the coin, well, it’s a one-sided coin. He’s already made the decision based on his own inclinations.

For us, me and you, when we want to make a decision, we can remove chance from the equation by deciding what we will do regardless of how a coin flips. There is no heads or tails…there is only your decision that you will work to the end.

When people go through our Confidence course they sometimes ask me, ‘Matt, how can I remind myself of context?’ I hear all the time…How can I make decisions? What is a way to make decisions?

When I face hard choices, I pick that coin up and I put it in my pocket. When I want to make a decision, I pull that coin out – that coin is a physical representation of my context (we discuss this in Confidence), and no matter which side the coin lands on, I act based on the context of the decision. My action, my decision, heads or tails, I’m going to make the decision based on the context I am working with. How can I make a decision? Context.

I encourage you to have no ‘chance’ in your life when it comes to decisions. As we discuss in Confidence, your context, your reason for action, should be the heads or tails….you’ve made your decision, you will act based on your context, and you will be a success no matter what.

Plus, it’s fun to flip with people when you gotta make a decision on where to go to dinner – you’ll always go to the restaurant of your choice!