About path

We offer a variety of flagship courses, custom programs, and niche consulting to individuals, groups and corporations who are seeing a higher frequency of personal performance.

achieve authenticity

Our history

Path International was started in 2016 to apply a scientific process to personal evolution. In an industry filled with moving goal posts fighting social media fads, our Founder Matt Powell saw an opportunity to bring a new concept to a study that had helped him throughout his life.  Path was created when Matt recognized a better way to help others.

He took lessons learned from personally teaching Pramek around the world for more than two decades and focused it on helping people achieve their authentic selves. Using our education methodology, products, seminars, and constant feedback, we bring forward what is a best practices system of personal development goals and personal evolution.

define it.
find it.

Personal evolution shouldn’t be a guessing game. 

At Path, we set clear definitions of what we seek to achieve, our authenticity, and develop paths for success that are challenges for a lifetime.

“You can’t achieve what you can’t define.  If you can define it, you can do it.  If you define it, the goal can’t move.  If you define it, it’s understandable.  Defining our destiny is the purpose of Path.”

Matt Powell

Life force for optimum living

Path, and our sister company Pramek, are trusted by tens of thousands throughout the world. Creating innovative products geared toward student success, we help our students find their definition of optimum living and finding their authenticity.  

change your life today.

Matt studied with teachers around the world and brought back the lessons they taught him about life. Looking for guidance in personal development? Now, at last, he has put them all down in a free book for you.