We all have challenges.

What if there was a course that could actually help?  

Welcome to the one that can.

achieve authenticity

'The box'.

When it comes to problems, people say ‘think outside the box’.  It’s that box that has you in trouble, right?

But rarely does anyone ask, ‘where did the box come from?’  

Maybe you don’t need to think outside the box…maybe it’s time to create a box that you can solve problems inside of.

With CONFIDENCE, we teach you how.  

Whether it’s the quest to solve low esteem or the confidence to ask for a raise, this program will give you the tools to solve some of life’s biggest challenges.

No matter your age or experience, this course will help you achieve confidence, build a plan to grab it and go for it!

achieve confidence
"A 5 out of 5. It was a really nice experience to go through the course during the process there were tons of opportunities to do the mind jogging. This has brighten the chances for an effective and efficient planning of goals."
Asif P.
Fremont, CA.
"This is a comprehensive way of planning goals to make sure they make the cut…He doesn’t try to motivate you to do the impossible; only what you are able to change and apply right away. Very down to earth goal planning worksheets and very applicable. ."
Tim Bartholomeu

Top Rated on UDEMY, this course includes:

  • How to define confidence so you achieve confidence
  • Take it on the road with you:  5+ hours of video lectures available from anywhere
  • Box Theory:  creating your own box to solve problems in
  • The Machine of Confidence:  The Key to Personal Evolution, developed over 2 decades of testing.
  • 40+ page interactive workbook  to help you define you
"I found Confidence searching through courses on Udemy. I didn't think it would work, nothing worked really. Next thing I know, I'm 3 hours in and I have my husband and son and involved in helping me."
Diedra WIlliams
Slatington, PA.
"Matt's done with self-help what he did with martial art. I met him in Salinas, CA. at a martial art seminar and I'm so glad he did this program. He makes confidence accessible, applicable, attainable."
Karen Gomez
San Francisco, CA.

define it.
find it.

Personal evolution shouldn’t be a guessing game. 

At Path, we set clear definitions of what we seek to achieve and develop paths for success that are challenges for a lifetime.

“You can’t achieve what you can’t define.  If you can define it, you can do it.  If you define it, the goal can’t move.  If you define it, it’s understandable.  Defining our destiny is the purpose of Path.”

Matt Powell

Life force for optimum living

Path, and our sister company Pramek, are trusted by tens of thousands throughout the world. Creating innovative products geared toward student success, we help our students find their definition of optimum living and finding their authentic selves.  

Try this...

Matt studied with teachers around the world and brought back the lessons they taught him about life. Now, at last, he has put them all down in a free book for you.