With 5 hours of video instruction and a 40 page workbook, this is the most indepth study of confidence on the market today.

Leveraging two decades of teaching and research, Confidence is an interactive process of finding your authentic self and communicating who you are to the world.  Whatever the challenge in life, follow along with Matt as he guides you through a transformative process unlike any in the world.


Everyone says, ‘be more confident’, but, is there actually a process for it? A path you can follow to evolve into a more confident person? Over 20+ years I’ve taught everyone from the most elite combat troops on earth to police officers to CEO’s to every day mom’s and dad’s.  I’ve published books that changed the way martial art is taught around the world – and still had a leading role in one of the fastest growing companies in corporate America.  Teaching people to go into combat, working with CEO’s, I recognized there were key elements to gaining, keeping, and exercising confidence. Not your typical approach to confidence, this course include 5+ hours of instruction and a 40 page workbook:

  • Mastering two most important elements of confidence…without these, no attempt to become confident is realistic;
  • Identify where you are not confident, and WHY, and the path to change;
  • The ‘Machine of Confidence’ and how to use it to make the changes you need;
  • The Three Pillars of Confidence and how to use these to become a confident person;
  • You’ll learn how to take Action, the path to gaining and keeping confidence.
  • The process of evolution and the elements of confidence in detailed lectures that build on each other;
  • And much more…

After 20 years of teaching martial art and combat science globally, I’m here to help you learn the mechanics of confidence! This is the ‘masters class’ in confidence – this is NOT a quick class, this class will take you a while so be ready!!!! This is a deep dive that will show results for even the most challenging student.


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