Can we undo the past?

How can you plan the future if you are tied to the past?

We’ll show you how.


achieve authenticity


Ready to create a future you?

Imagine waking up each morning and feeling confident that you will achieve goals.  With a 130 pages of interactive instruction and 2 hours of video instruction, UNDO will teach the reasons behind why you fail so you can stop repeating the past and live for a future you want. 

You don’t have to give up your dreams, UNDO will help you architect an exceptional life and the discipline to enjoy it.

In this course we bring a new way of achieving goals

  • Easy access from your phone to 2.5 hours of lectures
  • A 7 Phase Approach tested over thousands of students
  • All are welcome – don’t have goals? Great!  Have goals you want help with?  Great!
  • 60-page workbook built to help you achieve goals
  • Life-time access to yearly product evolution
  • Go on auto-pilot to achieve goals living day to day

check out what students are saying:

Decide to decide.

Join thousands who have decided to UNDO the Past and Plan The Future to achieve goals.

With lifetime access to the ever evolving program, you get the latest innovations in personal planning!

‘I have read many so called “self-help” books in the past but never anything like this. The theory and application is described in detail for anyone to identify their goals and then see those goals to fruition. I highly recommend “UNDO.”

Dr. John Landry, PhD.

"A 5 out of 5. It was a really nice experience to go through the course during the process there were tons of opportunities to do the mind jogging. This has brighten the chances for an effective and efficient planning and achieve goals."
Asif P.
Fremont, CA.
"This is a comprehensive way of planning goals to make sure they make the cut…He doesn’t try to motivate you to do the impossible; only what you are able to change and apply right away. Very down to earth goal planning worksheets and very applicable. ."
Tim Bartholomeu

Ready to create a future you?

With UNDO you get lifetime access.

Year after year as students go through UNDO, we ask them for their feedback, looking for where we can improve the product.

And we improve it!

Each time you come back to use UNDO to plan your future, you will have the latest edition with updates!